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Hello and thank you so much for visiting the official Fuck Facebook website! We're dedicated to destroying the criminal entity known as Facebook because like you our patience is exausted.

As a result of my skillset in Blogging, Journalism, Programming, and being a MOZ SEO Specialist, I've seen myriads of Facebook's scumbaggery. So naturally, every revolutionary has an experience where their enemy crossed the line in the sand.

Countless victimized Americans would probably enjoy a full on Braveheart style skirmish against the fuckwits at Facebook. However because we live in the digital era, the battlefield is quite a bit different!

Don't think this wont be a bloody skirmish due to it's digital dynamics however. Because we intend to attack Mr. Zuckerberg and his team of data stealing douche bags at multiple angles!

In addition to a pending litigation skirmish that in short order will turn into a class action lawsuit, were going to battle old boy in the content killing fields! Because you can have the Government and the worlds leading graduates in your corner, but they're no match when you fuck with a gangster! 😎

Attack Method 1: Humor

If we're going to call ourselves the Fuck Facebook pro, then obviously MeMes are a requirement. Additionally, any site I make is about quality not quantity, so We'll be scouring the web for the best!

Furthermore, the majority of our meme gallery is original. There's nothing quite like humor to spread your word across the web. Because America needs to know, just how much of a scumbag Facebook's CEO truly is!

Much of our articulate inspiration comes from trolling Mark's Official Facebook, Subreddits, Twitter, Minds, and multiple Forums.

We'd like to apologize to Brent Spiner in advance. Because the comparison of Mark Zuckerberg to lieutenant Data was only to illuminate Zuckerberg's douche baggery LOL.

Fuck Zuck MeMe-Imgur Pull Zuck the Jew

Mark Zuckerberg Portrait image in his Mister Bean Face

President Trump Attempts to obtain Brent Spiner's Autograph but it ends up being Mark Zuckerberg.

Attack Method 2: News & Blog

So everyone in America at this point can clearly see that News and Media is poisoned with bs. Furthermore, I couldn't honestly state the information provided on this website is without bias. However, the reason for my bias is due to industries agenda and lack of regard for the people's well being.

So essentially the news our blog focuses upon and the stories we illuminate

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Feb 23, 2020

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Potential Predator Uses a Childs Photograph

Jan 27, 2020

Americans everywhere are demanding 230CDA Regulation because a Potential Predator Uses Childs a Photograph on Facebook....

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Big Tech Bans Lies?

Jan 02, 2020

I figured it was necessary to write this article so the light of clarity could be shed upon recent headlines regarding F...

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