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About Fuck Facebook

On August 27th, 2019

Due to About 900 thousand complaints of extortion and criminal racketeering our team was deployed. As a result of our initial removal attempts, Facebook informed us they honor an Extortionist's 1st Amendment.

Despite how shocked at the company's position to side with a criminal scumbag we took action in the form of politics! After much lobbying and our team's boots on the ground, House Bill 2191 was approved with bipartisan support.

Due to many Americans working full time jobs and contributing to society, we can understand how easily this new law could be overlooked. So maybe the reason Facebook hasn't taken action against extortionists housed within their platform's protection was their lack of awareness?

Perhaps Facebook didn't Know...

Because so far I have only sent about 10,000 emails to their programmers, executives, and legal team. So I'm pretty fucking sure, they grasp they are in violation of the law, and are bitches hiding behind the 230 CDA.

by Sean Gugerty , Sep 17, 2019

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$7.3 Million

Bill Gates never mentioned having 16 bodyguards.

So Mark Zuckerberg, why is it that the former richest man in the world didn't need so much protection? you ain't so weak AF that fuckin over some twins out of HarvardConnection as a social media site got you scared AF?

Obviously not because you've been fuckin over all kinds of people. Tell me I'm on that dumb shit little man!

Because the only logical conclusion America can come to, is you have angered many people!

by Rebel News , Feb 19, 2016

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Facebook on Front Street

Love thy Neighbor?

Probably unlikely if the neighbor is a treasonous scoundrel employed at Facebook ROFL! One thing about Facebook is their total lack of customer service, horrible user experience, and privacy mistreatment. So for the company to add insult to injury but make it impossible to even get someone on the phone is absurd!

Allowing hackers and data mining thieves by the millions have free reign on their platform is their practice. So if Facebook would like to jeopardize America's privacy, then letme show them how a pro does it!

by Privacy isn't an Option anymore , 05/14/1984

The Ugly Truth

If you can't take the heat, get out the kitchen.

Because bottom line, it doesn't matter who Zuckerberg is working for, we won't let Globalization happen in America! If Mark seriously thought that citizens were not ready to reign down on a little 5'7 punk before free speech is robbed permanently!

Furthermore, former founding leader George Washington wouldn't stand for some pussy robbing Americana of free speech. So neither will we!