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DMCA Digital Millennium Copyright Act Policy

So for starters, allow me to say, that above all else I'm a firm believer in the Golden rule. Because I definitely do not intend to impact or cause any harm to innocent bystandards.

So should you happen to notice content belonging to you on this site, you need but only send me an email. I'm a genuine person that certanly does not advocate using the law beyond obtaining last resort resolutions.

Facebook Employees and Participants of Extortion Racketeering.

A most unwise decision to blatantly ignore the several thousand emails sent to several hundred employees. So as with all things in life, for every action there is a reaction.

As a result of not even so much as acknowledging that you affirm receiving a single communication attempt I've made, peril falls upon you.

Parodies & Tranformative Fair Use:

Due to the logos having a somewhat similar appearance I will provide clarification to the general public and eliminate my time consumed by pathetic attempts at legal recourse and consequences.

This site in no way shape or form pertaining/claiming to be Facebook Incorporated. The obvious resemblences are defined under DMCA Law as a Transformative Parody and as a result are considered fair use.

So we affirm that, FuckFacebook.Pro does not represent or affiliate with Facebook Inc.

Furthermore, the purpose of this site is to illuminate this company by which it is my public opinion they are are criminals.

Transformative Use:

Parodies often are considered transformative use. A court ruled that a movie company was shielded by fair use when it parodied a famous Annie Leibovitz photo for Vanity Fair in a photo promoting an actor. However, this doctrine does not require the new work to comment on the original work or popular culture. Another court allowed legal databases to offer legal briefs for searchable use. It held that use for research was fundamentally different from the original use of the briefs in representing clients. Also, libraries were permitted to provide their books to be scanned by Google because the libraries used the scans to preserve the books, create a full-text search engine, and allow disabled people who could not read print versions of the works to read electronic versions. These uses were considered transformative.

In conclusion, because your company operates in such a dehumanizing manner, providing absolutely no customer service You'll be treated as domestic terrorists.

I will not negotiate the removal of anything on this website/server on behalf of anyone involved with the entity Facebook Inc. Until you make resolve to eradicate the extortionist at URL:

There will be no negotiating or compliance whatsoever.