10 Million Facebook Users Jacked

10 Million Facebook Users Jacked

So yet again big tech neglects the people, leaving 10 Million Facebook Users Jacked. According to an article on Engadget, the compromise came as a result of two Android SDK Kits.

facebook android sdk apps compromised
The Android Google Play store was the Marketplace vulnerable to this compromise. Apparently, because of their horribly strict limitations on where users can download apps, they weren't effected.

This exploit came as a result of vulnerability in the two photo editing apps Giant Square and Photofy. The vulnerability was caused due to users using oAuth methods on websites for sign-in verification.

Another confirmation that you should not trust these social platforms with anything if you can avoid it. Secondly, when is congress going to get off their ass and regulate the fucking 230CDA?

This probably won't be the last slip up and obviously isn't the first. So one thing many technology experts recommend is that you steer clear of using oAuth Authentication if avoidable.

So whenever a login authentication allows you to provided a Username/email and Password, that's the ideal method of authentication. This breach comes as no surprise naturally, because Facebook is obviously designed specifically to target the user, and empower businesses.

Furthermore, these 10 Million Facebook Users Jacked out of private data are a drop in the bucket thanks to their criminal platform design. If you're a business on Facebook, your page doesn't even have to have a real person's first and last name.

Real People Don't Matter

So if you are a person just know that until we start holding Zuckerberg's company responsible, Facebook has no intention of improving their obvious NSA criminal Enterprise.

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