American Investors Retarded AF?

American Investors Retarded AF?

We ask whether or not American Investors Retarded AF Because you clearly must know by now how evil Facebook Inc is. Even if you're a corporation that will probably profit from being Libra's investor, doing so is to America's detriment.

In terms of the game Monopoly, you certainly wouldn't want your buddy sitting on Park Place to get ahold of Boardwalk. Furthermore, this isn't a game with your friends that ends in ice cream cones. because America cannot afford to yield anymore power to these Tech Giants!

I say Giant Metaphorically

Obviously a metaphor, because Zuckerberg is a 5'7 little man scared of the world. And rightfully so!

Because when you lack morals and your directives are contrary to societies idealisms, pissing off a psycho is inevitable! I suppose I would be the psycho he pissed off dear reader ROFL!

According to an article on Zephoria, Facebook has 2.41 billion active users as of July of 2019 and continues growing everyday.

So using simple logic we can quickly conclude how powerful of a capability this is. Furthermore, it supercedes our whole financial system entirely.

Hypothetical Case in Point.

It is safe to conclude that because of such a high number in it's userbase, all manner of celebrities and individuals wielding military/political/iconic influence are on it.

If you think for one second this man doesn't creepily access every human being alive that he chooses, and browse their private communications and dark secrets, you're a rare breed animal that needed to be fucking extinct like last year haha!

So essentially, any judge issuing a warrant for his arrest he'll know immediately. Additionally, any adversary eventially will be forced at some point due to social ties use the platform.

This is such a powerful capability and one he has absolutely nothing in terms of liablity to stop him from being wreckless. This monstrous exploitation of judicial law brought to you by the 230CDA.

So in conclusion, the power this man already has is atrocious and it exceeds what anyone should be allowed already.

American Investors Retarded AF to give this man money in light of his myriad of victims.
A sattire artwork illuminating Facebook's negative social impact and human desire for praise and acceptance. Also this digital transformative work sheds light upon social platforms controlling us like puppets..

If Mark Controls the Money...

To all the American Investors Retarded AF, if you give this man his Park Place Property it's Boardwalk counterpart, kiss America Goodbye!

Because it's already obvious that he has a partnership and ties with the government. So should you say something he or the government doesn't like all they need to do is turn you off.

Clearly this man is already abusing his powers in some of the most evil manners possible. So if anyone thinks accepting any currency and passing it off is a good idea is suicidal.

To those that question my conclusion, ask yourself, does a man thinking he needs 16 armed guards at all times strike you as someone you want having control of a currency widely accepted internationally?

Any financial institution that banned Bitcoins that would accept this social parasites "Libra" devil coins I put to question their ability to be a banker at all.

Do not let this man have his currency be accepted and do not give patron to it! Because if you do there will be a revolutionary war it's a guarantee!

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