Checkout Zuckerberg Island Kids!

Checkout Zuckerberg Island Kids!

Some theorize Epstein Was killed, others believe he committed suicide, however Checkout Zuckerberg Island Kids!

So let me start by clarifying that is total sarcasm, and that I wouldn't let any child of mine onto facebook, let alone near Mark Zuckerberg.

Additionally, Hawaiian locals such as Shannon Buckner certainly got the short end of the bargain for Zuckerberg's Island.

But hey, you can't judge a guy for owning island property even if he brutalized some Native islanders with shrewd litigation tactics right?

Whether or not you believe so, owners of islands don't have the best track record. The first example that naturally comes to mind is Jeffrey Edward Epstein. For those unaware, Epstein is a known billionaire pedophile that catored to the elite by providing young girls his affiliates obducted through human trafficking.

Furthermore, whether CEO Mark Zuckerberg directly aids human trafficking and pedophilia, it is rampant on his platform!

One might say, "Wow Sean! A most audacious accusation to be throwing old boys way!" Good Sir/Madam, you haven't seen anything yet! 😈

That's because of a number of different reasons. Old boy certainly has had quite a bit of hype and controversy in regards to his platform being plagued by pedophiles for certain!

Facebook's a social platform self proclaimed to be a "Family Environment" that's used by 2.45 billion users. As a result of the total lack of regard to user data privacy, it is a den of child molesters.

Is Zuckerberg the new Epstein?

So if you came upon this article in Google search, naturally your expectations of relevance aren't very high. Or at least they shouldn't be, because they've openly admited to manipulating their search results for monetary gain and political interest on countless occasions. πŸ€—

With News Headlines of Epstein's Pedophile Island, talk of Zuckerberg owning island property brings concern. The first thing we came to find, is despite being initially mislead, Mark doesn't actually own an entire island.

This comes as a relief as neighbors would definitely serve to detour abducting sex slaves. So we wont be able to Checkout Zuckerberg Island Kids, at least not right away!

Probably until big man Facebook CEO rounds up all the islanders and has them removed with litigation.😈 The billionaire isn't known for his minimalist views and usage of resources, that's for sure. You'd think with a 59 million dollar San Francisco home, and 2 properties in lake tahoe, He'd have consumed enough space and resources.

But seriously man, it's not the Zuck man's fault there are so many people stupid enough to give him their money. I mean why wouldn't he kick out a village of people, lowballing them for pennies on the dollar with sheisty litigation? *Cough* Scumbag *Cough*

Regardless of whether or not Zuckerberg immediately promotes pedophile presence on Facebook, they're certainly abundant on the platform!

Epstein and Zuckerberg Island Property Side By Side Comparison

So the first thing you'll notice when comparing the two Island properties is that Zuckerberg's isn't an isolate island. The properties are 6022.96 Miles apart, Zuckerberg's 325 Acres is in Kauai, Hawaii, and Epstein's is in the British Virgin Islands.

Epstein's Pedophile Isle
Name Price Latitude Longitude
Little Saint James Island $63,874,223 18.299501 -64.8271701
Zuckerbergs Kid Snatch Isle
Name Price Latitude Longitude
Kahu'Aina Holdings LLC $35,237,400 22.204254 -159.349590
Checkout Zuckerberg Island Kids! A 35 million dollar, 325 Acre beach front paradise!
Following the template of European tradition,Zuckerberg forced Native Islanders to scurry off their ancestoral land. Because when you already own 3 other houses worth millions of dollars, you deserve a 4th! Even if that is at the cost of removing Natives from their families land.

Internal Oculis Chomo

So the first piece of evidence came from an Occulis employee named Dov Katz. As you may be already well aware, Facebook owns holdings in quite a number of other companies.

Some other very popular platforms would be WhatsApp, and Instagram. Additionally, Facebook owns 77 other holdings according to wikipedia

Apparently old boy had the day off and decided to purchase some side action with that fat salary pay.

Naturally, the everyday occurence of hiring prostitutes isn't really seen as morally wrong by most.

despite prostitution being a criminal offense in most states, modern ones like Nevada have decriminalized it. However, what transpired in their conversation went down a more darker path than merely sex solicitation.

Oculus Engineer Dov Katz Rapsheet

Oculus Engineer Dov Katz was arrested for hiring an undercover escort soliciting herself to be 15 years old.

Undercover: "Can I be Honest with you? I'm new to all this and a little younger then my ad says but I promise u won't be dissapointed."
Katz: "How much younger?"
Undercover: "15...I'm sending my pic. Just don't say anything ok?"
Katz: "Sure! πŸ˜ƒ"

So is this particular situation bordering entrapment? From a judicial perspective I'd certainly say so but here's the bottom line.

The second some purported girl gives you a heads up and indicates she's a minor, you're a dirtbag if you proceed to have sex with her.

Furthermore, Facebook caters to pedophiles to the extremes of banning individuals who dare voice their opinions of convicted child molesters.

I suppose one could argue occurences such as the Tweet to the right cannot be immediately taken as a statement of fact.

Probably because lying is an ideal strategy for ranking News Authorities in Google and Facebook user feeds.

So anyone who wants to get their article to the top of Google should lie if they have half a brain right?

Fortunately, the truth is just too juicy in the instance of Mark Zuckerberg!

So, while we could have added to the stockpile of Trump Impeachment articles, we opted for the subject of an actual criminal.

Additionally, what better criminal than the one controlling the worlds communication! πŸ€—

Staging America For Pedophilia?

as previously mentioned in our Is the Zuck Religion A Cult article, Facebook was caught with their pants down in March of 2018.

Apparently Facebook and numerous other users were asked very obsurd pro pedophile questions on a survey.

The only reason that Facebook even apologized, was due to the fact a Guardian reporter was given the survey. Additionally Facebook was forced into action because the News article ranked number one in Google for, "Facebook Pedophile." πŸ˜‚

Suddenly these little fuckhead scumbags sprang into action, like they cared for the safety of their userbase's children.

Pro Pedophile Survey discovered by Guardian Reporter.
This is an image of a Pro Pedophile Survey discovered by Guardian Reporter. Sure, Facebook made a public apology for it, but what does an apology get someone like Subway's Jarid in terms of a sentence reduction? So why then do we continue to allow employees of corporations immunity from consequences?

They obviously don't, because if they even wanted just the perception they did, they would offer something resembling customer service.

Instead of protecting your children, Facebook pays your teenage children money to install an application that further spies on them.

Based on their track record do you think the data they obtain is properly safeguarded from pedophiles and human traffickers? That is up to you to decide!

In addition to lacking customer service by telephone, their webforms do not cover the wide range of issues.

Furthermore, outside of liability and keeping their NSA handlers happy, they don't GAF

The Facebook Platform is a Pedophile's Wet Dream.

So no need to worry little ones, you'll still be able to Checkout Zuckerberg Island Kids!

One of many questionable programs Facebook has endorsed their name with is online tutorials to aid children to program. I wonder if they use the NSA to screen the individuals passing themselves off as parents like they do their employees?

My guess would be not if it costs them money rofl! πŸ˜‚ They certainly are short on staff if they cannot manage to provide voice correspondence. So why oh why, does my little eye spy, them openly accepting self proclaimed volunteer programmers?

Pro Pedophile Survey discovered by Guardian Reporter.
Facebook already too short staffed to be lending any programmers to tomorrows youth, can be seen openly taking volunteers from essentially anyone. I'm sure the only concern of theirs would be liablity, not the safety of your child! Most notable is Zuckerberg and his 16 personal bodyguards. I wonder why a social media platform owner needs so much protection? πŸ€”

Facebook Human Trafficking Houston Court Proceedings.

The Houson Texas human trafficking lawsuit is the first instance in particular outright calling out Facebook for aiding and abetting pedophilia.

So while it's too soon to truly tell how the lawsuit will develop, I believe they have a case. Because just based on their track record alone, you can certainly see questionable patterns of pedophilia.

Furthermore, a quick glance at the court documents clearly illuminates to what level the 230CDA is abused by these Tech Sissies!

If you're a parent and have children, I beg you to reconsider allowing them to use the Facebook Platform. Not even Mark Zuckerberg allows his child to be exposed to his own Hellspawned website!

If my article fails in conveying the criminality of Mark Zuckerberg let me shed some light on how much of an epidemic Human trafficking is.

Just ask yourself do you want to risk your child using a platform that severly abuses 230 CDA Safe Harbor? A Company that is negligent to say the least with the security of your privacy and data?

Human Trafficking Infographic
This Human Trafficking Infographic provides Americans shocking and horrific statistics on how massive of a problem it truly is.
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