Cocky Corporate Criminals

Cocky Corporate Criminals

So if you're unaware, the reason I'm writing this article about Cocky Corporate Criminals is to bring Americans insight to recent headlines. According to the Verge, a lawsuit was filed in San Francisco by the IRS as a result of Facebook's negligence in paying $9 billion dollars in taxes.

With Facebook's 1,912 lawsuits floating around courtlistener, most Americans are aware of their lack of privacy and data negligence.

Because lord only knows, you should never trust Island owners with the safety of your children. 🤗

Additionally, human Trafficking markets such as Epstein's thrive due to Zuckerberg's Social platform. As a result of data negligence and marketing chaos at a constant, the platform is a den of evil and a hotspot for pedophiles.

So for the few of us left in the world inconveneinced by human emotion and ethical standards, we inevitably ask the question.

Why do they keep getting away with this kind of shit?

To sum up these CEO's, and see them for the vile and disgusting human beings they truly are, we start within ourselves.

Chances are, if you're reading this article, you are more than likely a decent human being, because otherwise you wouldn't be here. (My smart targeting aims for the good within humanity. Well, aside an occasional scumbag guest star appearance from Mark Zuckerberg! 🤗)

So how much money is enough money for you to say, "This is more than enough cash! I don't need anymore for me or my family!"? At what point would you be happy and contempt with your total assets and what dollar amount would that be?

Furthermore, to what extreme lengths would you be willing to go, to get that social status, that security, or fame and fortune? Is there a limit to the dirty deeds to which you would do to get that fat pay day?

Everyone has a limit, but let me just go ahead and tell you, because I say this from personal experience. No dollar amount is worth your integrity!

Furthermore, when it comes to the tyrany of evil men, there will never be enough for them to find contempt, or true haoppiness.

Admitedly, Having a Conscience Will Always Slow You Down.

As a former druglord who climbed the ranks of a street level dealer, and foolishly ascended to a druglord, my experience amongst the ruthless is vast.

I must humbly admit, Zuckerberg would probably do alright with his cutt-throat and ruthless tactics in the illicit drug trade. In fact I got caught and ended up in prison entirely because of having conscience, I refused to allow a mother of 3 to die in front of me of a drug overdose.

I dialed 911 to alert paramedics, and had to begin doing chest presses in order to save her life. I'm not telling this to you in efforts to paint me in a light of righteousness. Nor do I care to do damage control to repair my reputation for my past wrongdoings. I'm as transparent as they come, and quite frankly I'm proud of some of the gangster shit I've done 😘. Don't like it? Well, fuck you lol.

I saved her for me, and my conscience. I know she would never have done the same for me. So as luck would have it, I wasn't a consumer of that particular drug, rather a merchant.

While there was no nobility or self preservation in this decision, there was an ethical standard. Because I always have and will conduct myself in a manner within my moral compass.

So as expected, this merciless world rewarded me with the swift hand of justice interveining upon my criminal enterprise.

There isn't a doubt in my mind none of these Tech-Giant Executives would have saved the woman in my position. They would simply justify throwing any and every person under the bus for their benefit or preservation.

I've seen criminals in all walks of life, and I know a sociopath with narcissistic characteristics when I see one. Additionally, you don't become the richest of the rich by being anything but ruthless and greedy.

Probably sounds extreme, but Zuckerberg's court procedings and litigation against him, are atrocious. Ranging from alleged human trafficking, extortion, and staging pedophilia, he's without limitations regarding criminality.

Interestingly enough, I don't seem to recall Steve Jobs or Bill Gates ever requiring the employment of 16 armed bodyguards either. 🙄

Corporation Immortality.

So, in today's world one thing is for certain, when it comes to the law, a person when compared to a corporation gets the short end of judicial stick. Virtually any person or group can become a company, and once a branded business, just about all manner of crime and atrocities your corporation commits .

Mark Zuckerberg attempted to dodge paying billions of dollars to the IRS. but additionally he appears to have avoided prison time. Meanwhile, former infamous Al Capone was sentenced to 11 years and Edaldas got 5 for taking Zuckerberg for about $120 million, the standard is double.

Why Corporations send their taxes to their Ireland Corporate addresses?

The reason is very simple because obviously these greedmonsters lead pathetic lives which revolve entirely around making more money.

Currently the United States has a corporate tax rate that is very high at the lofty heights of 35%. Because Ireland brings in substantial revenue in doing so, their taxation rate for corporations is only 12.5%.

In doing this, these international sized corporations dodge putting back money into their own countries and communities. While I admire Ireland for such a genius ploy to bring in tons in tax revenue, this type of criminal behavior should not be tolerated by corporations in the US.

When one of these bonehead companies ends up pissing off the wrong political officials within a foreign country, it could be our soldiers that would have to fight the war for them.

Sure, many companies line their pockets with such a huge tax break, but apparently it still just isn't enough for those greedmonster CEOs! Because all of the Big-Tech companies were still caught red handed lying through their teeth and found to be reporting false on their earnings! As a result of getting caught, Google had to pay an additional $1 billion and Apple paid an additional $15.4 billion for their miscounted and reported numbers.

Not all corporations are large enough to have an office in ireland for cashing in on this loophole. But not to worry However.

Even small businesses are better than us!

Because even at the lower levels of play, you and everyone else can become a business and obtain an LLC license and get your EIN Tax ID number.

The immediate benefits include hiding your assets and property from the public eye, being anonymous and hiding where you reside, and most importantly being held accountable for financial liability.

That's how all manner of criminal extortionists thrive in a world where slandering someone is just an arrest record away from a fat paycheck! In conclusion, what was intended to stimulate growth in local American businesses, instead has created an infestation of crooks, scallywags, and scumbags!

Furthermore, it's almost as though being a corporation rather than a person, is what the United States deems to be top priority!

This unfortunately is the trend of today's world. People don't seem to matter when being compared to businesses, especially Big-Tech giants that don't even humanize their userbase.

Even when it comes to those sworn to serve and protect, the theme yet again seems to follow suit with favoritism towards companies. For example, DHS, Non-Profit InfraGard (Private Sector & FBI Partnership) and the FBI all prioritize protecting 16 critical infrastructures.

Apparently the socially inept and wreckless FBI along with their sister agencies find these resources to be more crucially important than protecting even you!

Unfortunately, convincing our Justice Department these Cocky Corporate Criminals need to be in prison proves difficult due to their evil Corporate Veil.

Let's not forget about the Facebook Police!

No, we're not refering to some moronic suppression of Free Speech within the confines of it's platform, actual police! Mark Zuckerberg apparently paid 11.2 million dollars and went to great lengths to ensure he had a Police Unit specifically for his Headquarters in Menlo Park, CA.

So perhaps it's time the people stood up to these institutions of business and government and expressed their disgust and unwillingness to tolerate this conduct. Because when our children ask, "How do I start my own business and be successful?" what are we to say?

"Well sweety, Basically you just offer no customer service, treat people like crap, and take shortcuts, automating everything and conducting yourself without morals."

Or perhaps we should just lie to them instead of making change.

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