Facebook Thanksgiving Server Crash

Facebook Thanksgiving Server Crash

The Facebook Thanksgiving Server Crash was probably a sigh of relief for those with annoying relatives addicted to garbage social platforms.

Yet another log to add to the fire as Facebook continues to produce myriads of problems for users. So naturally it brings to question, "are Facebook users absolutely retarded to continue using it?"

At around 10:25:00 ET on 11/28/2019 for nearly 5 hours, thousands of the social platform's visitors reported an outage. Difficulties throughout the country were reported as late in the afternoon as 3:00 ET according to The Verge.

While considered a global issue that impacted users worldwide, because Facebook resides in the US, that's the only people this article will focus on. 🤗

In addition to it's pathetic server failure impacting people internationally, the pussy tech giant's sissy companies Instagram and WhatsAPP were also impacted.

Reaction of the impacted.

For the most part, nobody really cared whatsoever about the Facebook Thanksgiving Server Crash. So for the most part, the general consensus across the internet was that it was a blessing.

So the Twitter userbase were quite enthusiastic about the platform's downtime. However, because they knew it eventually would be back online, they knew bad News was on the horizon! 😂

So the moral of the story here folks, don't rely on a pile of garbage to be your global communication. Because even if you just absolutely love NSA and corporate spies data mining you, their server is garbage!

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