Potential Predator Uses a Childs Photograph

Potential Predator Uses a Childs Photograph

Americans everywhere are demanding 230CDA Regulation because a Potential Predator Uses Childs Photograph on Facebook. So if you didn't get enough awareness of Facebook's abuse of kids from our Zuckerberg Island article, here's some more!

So like most parents, Becky Smith in North Carolina looks upon Facebook as a utility. Her usage is primarily to share her photographs of her kids growing up with their friends and family.

Most parents are probably working hard and struggling to raise a child and excel at their job. So naturally, they could care less about the News headlines regarding privacy.

Consequently, the level of negligence on both Facebook's part, and the rediculous amounts of hesitation to regulate the 230CDA impact everyone!

At some point or another, everyone comes to the question, so we may as well knock it out for newcomers.

What is The Communications Decency Act?

The reason Facebook is currently not held liable as a Potential Predator Uses a Childs Photograph is the 230CDA. Due to section C, safe harbor from all liability is given due to anything falling into their definition "Interactive Computer Service."

The loophole big tech banks upon is the fact they aren't forced to take action. The individuals who pioneered it added subsection A to protect good someritans from taking down slanderous content. However, because they don't force the hand of entities to actually do it, many just disregard their userbases outcry.

So what can you do to aid Moms like Becky Smith? Notify your local and national Senator's you demand this epic scale problem is solved through regulation. Here's a list of several hundred of their Twitter handles!

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