Warren Facebook Experiment

Warren Facebook Experiment

So, naturally feeling like she entered a rigged political race, the Warren Facebook Experiment and political hacking begins.

Now let me clarify because I understand that in many instances the term hack has a negative connotation behind it. However, actual penetration testers and connoisseurs of life hacking know this simply isn't true.

On the contrary, all great innovators with incredible success certainly found themselves in a rat maze seeking the cheese at the start. So long as you don't join Zuck's Cult, you technically are still in the race however!

Furthermore, in this complex digital marketing world quite often it is easy to be mislead and feel engulfed by a state of powerlessness.

The biggest problems everyone faces when attempting to gain audience or conversions are due to the race being rigged.

A Rigged Race Sean? How So?

Naturally, only the paid CIA actors would ask such an absurd question as the vast majority feel overwhelmed by their competition and oppressors at a constant.

The bottom line is no matter what platform or tool you use for communication, the elites in control of it go above and beyond to restrict users.


If you decide to use SMS for marketing manually sending them will quickly become tiresome.

So the second you think you'll use any form of API or automated method, suddenly each text costs money.

No longer is the SMS an unlimited and free plan because you actually want to get your message out there.


Sending Emails is also misleading at first because if you opt to design your own SMTP server, you'd think you'd be able to send infinite emails. Unfortunately you not only get limited at the server level capping you, but also because of spam filters at the recipient's inbox.

So yet again you find yourself faced with the choice to either shell out money to increase your outbound quantity, or have them bounce.

Warren Facebook Experiment - Forbidden Pills of Social Media!
A photograph depicting social media platforms to be poisonous toxic drugs in pill form. Not to far off from the truth as Social media's design is one to release dopamine.

Facebook Social Platform

Scumbag power freaks like Mark Zuckerberg are some of the worst culprits due to their limitless absurdity!

So if you jump the gun and attempt to go fast even slightly Growth Hacking, You'll get throttled or perhaps even banned outright.

Some of the ridiculous restrictions put upon Facebook's users:

  1. Account age deturmines if triggering a spam filter will merely suppress progression or outright ban your account. Generally, because the platform thinks they're god, they'll want a drivers license should you try marketing with a green account. Usually pros age an account an entire year prior to using it for marketing.
  2. All personal accounts are Capped at 5000 friends so don't get your hopes to high thinking you can automate adding a million people. Furthermore, you can only send 1000 requests at a time. To send out more you have to cancel pending requests which is time consuming.
  3. Throttling occurs in an unmeasurable manner whenever you repeat any action to communicate to an audience. So irregardless of that being video posts, Private Messenger, posting in groups, or posting on page timelines your reach is throttled.

So What About if you Pay for Advertisements?

This is where we reach a scary conclusion because if Zuckerberg was simply about money, obviously you could buy visibility. Because obviously service providers primarily concerned with money would offer as much visibility as their service allowed for the right price.

However tech giants like power hungry Zuckerberg do no such thing! In fact, just because you shell out buckets of money, you're still only realisitically looking at a slight boost in reaching your audience at best.

So it is evident in the case of the Warren Facebook Experiment, Elizabeth's intentions were not to gain reach. Additionally, it more than likely wasn't an actual effort to derail Donald Trump either.

Elizabeth's strategy naturally aims to take away Facebook's reputability. It is estimated that so far her political campaign efforts have costed somewhere in the ballpark of $3.3 million dollars on Facebook Ads.

I just pray that it was spent as nothing more than a gambit tactfully, because me or any programmer could have given her so much more bang for the buck. Not that it's any competition when the opponent is Zuckerberg clearly in the CIA's pocket for one reason or another.

Lastly, while I certainly don't pick sides in a rigged political arena, I hope if not Elizabeth Warren, that someone regulates the 47 U.S. Code § 230 Communications Decency Act. Because it is vital someone stops this madman of Menlo Park, CA before he globalizes the world!

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